GOODNESS is an Amsterdam based creative studio founded by Paul Mann & Grace Cowlard. We collaborate with dreamers to create new realities. Below you can learn about everything we stand for.


Motivated by change not money

Working for money alone is outdated. Our ideas of success are defined by the good we create in the world, not the €,$ or £ we hoard. Our vision is bigger than a bank. Welcome to the GOODNESS economy.

Ego Free

In GOODNESS there is no place for ego. Our purpose is far bigger than ourselves. Born and raised as grounded, realistic and humble individuals, our mission is to spread GOODNESS, authentically.

Being Human

Humanity is a rarity these days, that’s why it’s our most valued commodity. In the age of digital surface-scraping, GOODNESS holds true to the most precious asset we have - being human. In all our depth and glory.

Switching off the noise

In a world filled with stuff, buying less and buying better benefits everybody. GOODNESS curates only goods, products and services to be cherished. Removing distractions, we reclaim peace of mind to expand and explore new levels of awareness.

Finding GOODNESS in decision makers

Decision makers have a moral obligation to promote GOODNESS. Our agenda is to prove a little GOODNESS can go a long way to meeting major milestones - both in business and in life.




Kanalstraat 149a
1054 XD
The Netherlands